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Below is our standard sizing chart we use when making tutus and tutu dresses. Keep in mind the sizes are an average size and may not be your princess' exact size, therefore you may want to measure your princess for a custom fit.


If you would prefer to provide us with exact measurements, simply measure your daughter around the waist, and then from waist to the length you would like her tutu to fall. When ordering be sure to select her size and include her measurements in the "Measurements" box.
          Tutu Skirt Sizing Chart 

0-6 months: Waist 14 inches, Length 6/7 inches

6 -12 months: Waist 16 inches, Length 7/8 inches

12- 24 months: Waist 18 inches, Length 8/9 inches

2T/3T: Waist 19 inches, Length 10 inches

4T/5T: Waist 20 inches, Length 10/11 inches

5/6: Waist 21 inches, Length 11/12 inches                          
                                  Empire Waist Tutu Dresses: 

Below you will find measurements for Empire Waist Tutu Dresses as well as Crochet Top Tutu Dresses. If you are ordering a tutu dress, I strongly recommend you please include your sweetheart’s measurements along with your size selection so I can ensure it will fit perfectly! The sizing charts below act as a guide, but exactly measurements are highly recommended for a custom fit!

Measure your princess under her arms around her entire chest. Then measure for length from under her arms down to the length you would like the dress to fall (ex: knees, shins or ankles).
                        0 -6 months: Chest up to 15 inches and up to 16 inches of length

                        6 -12 months: Chest up to 16 inches and up to 17 inches of length
                        12-24 months: Chest up to 18 inches and up to 18 inches of length
                        2T: Chest up to 19 inches up to 22 inches of length
                        3T: Chest up to 19 inches up to 24 inches of length
                       4T: Chest up to 21 inches up to 28 inches of length
                       5T: Chest up to 23 inches up to 32 inches of length
                       5/6: Chest up to 24 inches up to 36 inches of length
                                      Crochet Top Tutu Dresses:
Crochet Top Tutu Dresses are perfect for babies and toddlers! For Crochet Top Tutu Dresses measure your princess around her entire chest. Then measure from her waist to the length you would like the dress to fall (ex: knees, shins, ankles.)
                         0-6 Months Chest up to 15 inches, up to 10 inches of length 
                        6-12 Months Chest up to 16 inches, up to 11 inches of length
                        12-24 Months Chest up to 18 inches, up to 14 inches of length
                        2T-3T Chest up to 19 inches, up to 15/16 inches of length
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